Rainbows: Jonathan Whitfill, Gabriel Dawe & Katharina Grosse

Jonathan Whitfill is a sculptor and performance artist based out of Texas. In his sculptures, he often uses found objects. Jonathan has exhibited extensively in Texas and is also a high school chemistry teacher.  

pleuxus no. 3, gutermann thread, wood and nails, installation at guerillaarts, 12 x 6 x 16 ft, 2010 
Gabriel Dawe is currently a graduate student at University of Texas at Dallas. Born in Mexico City, Gabriel views his interest in fibers as subversive because the associated traditions can be interpreted as strictly feminine. 

One Floor Up, 2010

Katharina Grosse's installation at MassMOCA is on display until October 31, 2011. Her work plays with breaking the confines of space in a gallery. For example, in this piece she distorts the white gallery walls and liberates the painting from the walls to the floor. Katharina is from Germany and has a brilliantly confusing website.
I like the instant gratification of these images; rainbows are cool to look at. A couple of days ago I was looking at the work of artists who participated in the 2010 Skowhegan residency, which an influential residency awarded to emerging artists working in a range of media. I was surprised by how conceptual, high brow, and self-absorbed much of the artwork was. Maybe it's just me, but I had a difficult time understanding what many of the artists were trying to say. Or what they were doing didn't translate well through their website.

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