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Body as Landscape

There are a lot of artists who portray the human body as a landscape or an object in their work.

Denise Marika is a video artist who "use(s) the emotional of the landscape of the body to explore person and place, giving expression to the vulnerability, pain, and compassion that mark humanity" (Aspect).

Bisected II. 2002

Bisected II is part of a three piece video installation. All three pieces consist of videos of an unclothed woman projected on to a sheet of steel mounted on to a matted piece of fur. In each piece, the woman is in a different pose and is seen from a new angle. She struggles to lift her head over a table's edge, laboring against its weight. In one video, she struggles to hold her head up by pulling her hair then releases her head so that it bounces off the ground.

Leg. 2005.

"A leg is stretched along the length of exposed tree root. The downed tree trunk and leg are both coated in grey clay, matched in shape, color and form. Slowly the leg moves along the trunk caressing its length."

Arno Rafael Minkkinen is a photographer who for the past thirty years has taken abstracted pictures of his unclothed body in different environments around the world. In the photos, he manipulates his body so that it echoes or seems to become a part of the landscape. In a retrospective of Minkkinen's work, the curator A.D. Coleman wrote Minkkinen’s “…images comprise an account of an epic journey—both a physical adventure in the natural and urban world and a psychological voyage of the lone human spirit".

Narragansett - Rhode Island. 1988

Man Ray

Le violin de Ingres. 1924.


Sergio's project

I really enjoyed Sergio's altered gas container. I thought he did a great job creating his own label that was still believable. There are a bunch on generative topics that can be related to his work, such as the power of advertisements and the negative impact of many products. A lot of artists like Shepard Fairey and Barbara Kruger work with similar ideas about consumerism and mass media. When I was looking at lesson plans, I found one from Art 21 about art and advertising.