Five Artists Who Work with Landscape

Toshio Shibata is a mid-career Japanese photographer who photographs man-made and natural patterns in nature. Using a 8 x 10 in camera, Toshio crops his photos so that references to scale and placement are eliminated. He has had solo exhibits at the Centre National de la Photographie in Paris and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.
with your water falling over our new natural. Acrylic, found foam, eurocast, moss, mylar, paper, pencil, pen, pentag, plastic bag, sage, sedum, sponge, wood. 26 x 24 x 10 in. 2010.
warmth gave rise to our falling. Acrylic, baby's breath, eurocast, fern, hair, hosta, moss, paper, sedum, sagebush, wood.
24 x 24 x 13. 2011

Gregory Euclide distorts, transforms, and reconstructs traditional landscape paintings into 3D models that bring the painting to life. The canvas seems to bend off the wall, rivers run off the painting, and miniature trees sprout from surfaces. Gregory has had solo exhibits around the US including several art fairs in Miami, was featured in a 2007 Midwestern edition of New American Painting, and has a painting featured as album art for Bon Iver's forthcoming album.  He is a high school art teacher in Minnesota and graduated with a degree in studio art and art education in 1997, receiving a MFA in 2008.

Wooly Magma. Inkjet print. 12.25 x 12.25 in. 2010.
Mossy Retreat. Inkjet print. 12.25 x 16.5 in. 2010.
Eszter Burghardt constructs miniature dioramas out of everyday materials like cotton, wool, cake, coffee, and milk. Since graduating from Emily Carr University in 2001, she has taken part in a number of residencies in Iceland. Eszter is inspired by the remote landscape and epic and vast vistas of Iceland. Her work plays with scale and expectations.

Various locations. 2010.
Various locations. 2010.
Filippo Minelli is a Italian conceptual artist who often works with themes like nationality, identity, globalization, technology, and advertising. He works in the public sphere, creating situations about contrast that causes the viewer to question their surroundings. In this body of work, he abstracts a landscape with surreal, colored plumes of smoke and then captures the fleeting nature of the smoke with photography. He received his BFA in 2006 and exhibits mostly in Italy.

On Avenue B along Tompkins Square Park.
Momo tags width of Manhattan
Momo is a NY-based graffiti artist who has been making street art for the past thirteen years. In one of his projects, he tagged the entire width of of Manhattan. Created in 2006, the piece is more than eight miles long. To create the piece, Momo attached a funnel-shaped bucket of paint with a hose and ball valve to the back of his bike and rode about NY in the middle of the night. Like many other graffiti artists, Momo's work is about the public vs. private sphere, the commercial aspect of art, and media and advertising. 

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