Charts in Art

Pop Chart Lab is a design studio based in Brooklyn.
Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names

The Very Many Varieties of Beer
I am drawn to these posters because the process of making such a highly detailed charts is so systematic and analytical. In many ways, it requires a different way of thinking than say painting. While these posters are cool, there are other artists who are working in a similar fashion in order to come to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

For example, the contemporary graphic designer Nicholas Felton collects data from his life such the number of books read, number of plants killed, number of birthday parties attended... The beauty of Felton's work is that he goes into minute detail with the data he collects and compiles the information into a masterfully designed annual report titled "The Felton Annual Report".
Page from the "Felton 2010 Annual Report".
Felton has been making his annual reports since 2005 and has received much recognition for his project. Most recently (as in like a week ago), there was an article in the NYT's Technology section about his work. Felton uses technology to track and record what he is doing. He started the website Daytum as a tool to help people similarly record data in their lives. The website even has an iPhone application for the truly obsessed.
Felton with his 2010 annual report.
Felton specializes in information graphics (making charts) and has designed for numerous corporations and publications, including the Wall Street Journal and Wired. He also has worked as an adjunct professor of graphic design at SVA and Parsons.

A short video in which Felton explains his process.

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